Theory of Space by Dariusz Stanisław Sobolewski
Presented herein theory has impact on all areas
in physics:

» Astrophysics
» Physics of atoms and molecules
» Elementary particle physics
» Condensed matter physics
Theory of Space
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Some fundamental results from the
Theory of Space

» We have a four-dimensional space plus time (from mathematical point
of view, five-dimensional space)

» Radius of the Universe has been calculated:

R = 4040.33 Mpc = 1.2468*10^26 m

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Theory of Space
Author: Dariusz Stanisław Sobolewski
First publishing: 29 January 2007

On 31 October 2011 new version of the Theory of
Space has been registered in the Polish Patent Office
– corrections plus preliminary analysis of the weak
and strong interactions.

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Some major differences between Theory
of Space and other theories

Physical notions introduced in the “Theory of Space” can be translated to other
theories. However, its understanding and nature is deeper than in other
theories, what enables to see these theories as an approximation of reality.

It is hard to say, but currently favorable theories have huge problems located
on their foundations. In some cases problem is so serious, that it applies even
to erroneous cause-and-effect relationships.

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other theories  
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In 2005 we started projects that aimed to answer fundamental questions in
natural science using only our finances.

We successfully finished work by publishing inter alias theory entitled “Theory
of Space” that reveals notion of time, elementary particles, complex structure
of space, interactions and answers other fundamental questions.

Presented in the “Theory of Space” correct cause-and-effects relationships
could be compared to having built a “high way” which everybody can use to
reach their goals faster. However usage of that “high way” should be connected
with a reflection: what I have done for that?

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